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President's Message - September 2015

President’s Message My fellow Members, Well, as the ol' expression goes, "time flies". I can't argue with that. It was only four months ago that we closed the shop for the summer. As the oncoming days will certainly slip by, the temperature will hopefully lower to a more comfortable degree and our snowbird members will slowly trickle back into town. We locals, who lasted the summer, will apprehensively peek our nose outside and pry ourselves away from our air conditioners and swimming pools.

Now that we are about to kick-off the new season of 2015-2016, we can all look forward to reacquainting with our friends, sharing true or false stories, befriending our new members and exploring the desert landscape hither and yon. This year is filled with some great fun filled activities and I hope every member takes advantage of the opportunities. Of course, every month we will have the ever popular Cook's Night Out, the Ladies Luncheon, the Men's Breakfast, the "almost every morning" coffee at Kmart. Leave us not forget the Garage Sale, Thanksgiving Gala and the Awards Banquet cotillion. Oh my, what did I forget? If anyone has an idea to add to the list, or if anyone actually takes the time to read this, please let me know.

Please remember to check out the new and revised H4W website designed by Roger Allen. Roger has spent many long hours in coming up with the outstanding site. I can't imagine many clubs having the good fortune of having a professional webmaster as part of their membership.

Also, I welcome our new Newsletter Editors, Tim & Pat Maskell. They are all set up and ready to go! Tim has also been spending many hours helping with the ad layouts that are appearing on the website. Let us all help Tim & Pat by submitting photos, articles and whatever in a timely manor for publication. This also includes me with my letter!

With all that in mind, a very huge THANK YOU goes out to the past H4W Newsletter Editors, Wanda & Bob Scholl. For many years you both have produced a product that has surpassed any and all expectations for a club newsletter. The content, layout, quality and downright dedication to the end product speaks volumes. Speaking on behalf of every member of the Havasu 4 Wheelers, I say "Thank you and Well Done".

Confucius say, "whenever you feel lonely and need some love'n, your seat belt will always hug you". See Y'all On The Trail....

Tom C







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