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President's Message - May 2015

The month of May has come and gone and this season of fun and adventure is over! Many H4W's have already retreated from the upcoming Havasu heat. Some members are staying home and playing on the lake or relaxing by their pool. Then there are some brave soles that just cope with the unbearable Havasu “dog days of summer”. What ever one decides to do, please use caution, play safe and keep

But wait ….. Stop the presses! Dateline Moab, UT.
What a wonderful, glorious, stupendous four wheel'n time everyone had. The marvelous scenery and the fantastic trails, rated from easy to difficult, were enjoyed by everyone. Many thanks to Cheryl and Mike MacLean for again doing a fantastic job. This was their sixth year in a row being the Supreme Commander Trail Bosses! Everyone who attended thanks you, and are already looking forward to next April 2016. Just remember, bring a warm jacket and an umbrella!

Also, in my absence (Grandson's graduation) and also the absence of our
Vice President, our Treasurer Lynn Leher did an outstanding job of
officiating the last meeting of the season. From what I hear, she was a pro
at the forum. Is she practicing for the Presidency for next year?

As this is my last letter of the season, I take this opportunity to thank a
couple of hard working members. At every monthly meeting they come early
and leave late. They carry huge boxes of club merchandise to and fro from
their vehicle, not to mention unpacking and repacking the boxes. On top of
that, consider the extra space the big boxes occupy in their home! These
two members make up the Merchandise Committee, Joe and Cindy Egilske.
Joe and Cindy, you provide spectacular service with a great scene of humor
and always with a smile! Every time someone wears any garment with the
H4W logo, they should remember that it was purchased, displayed and sold
by you. Great job! Thank you.

I'm looking forward to greeting everyone at our next meeting in September. Next season is currently shaping up to be one of the best ever! Very exciting! Until then, now is a great time to tighten up all the loose bolts and give the ol' 4 wheeler an overall safety inspection. One must always be prepared for the unexpected, so while checking over the vehicle, also check over your first aid kit and toss out the old and resupply with new. The big owie you mend may be your own!

A great idea is to check out the Havasu 4 Wheeler Web Site this summer for any late breaking news. Mr. Webmaster, Roger Allen is preparing to do some major upgrades and maintenance to the site this summer. If you have difficulty gaining access, it's not you or your computer, it's just Roger and Go Daddy doing their thing! Roger is one of the many unsung H4W “movers & shakers” members that go way above and beyond the call with their dedication and service to our organization. Thank you Roger!

In closing, I think Confucius say, “Not much need to wear name tag this summer, unless
you urgently feel the need.”

Tom C