Havasu 4 Wheelers Run / Trail Inventory

The Trails are grouped into 7 major categories.  Within each rated category, difficulty increases from the top to the bottom.  Be aware that at any given time, the runs levels can change due to the impact of weather.

Run Name (click for map)RatingDescriptionGPXTMP (See Below)
Mohave Mine Shack2Old Mine shack - south of town in Mohave wash GPXLH4-6B
Bar I L2East of Yucca in the Hualapai mountains.GPX KM
Dos Mohave2South of town - tour a couple of the Mohave washes.GPXLH3-4F
Christmas Tree Pass2North of LaughlinGPXNV
Swansea via Pipeline2East of ParkerGPXCP
Laughlin Breakfast Run2Hills west of LaughlinGPXLV
Eagle Pass Trail     2Very easy run – great for members new to Jeeping. First stop “Mystic Maze,” ancient Indian intaglios off I/40 at Park Moabi. Then to trail head in Needles and west into the Sacramento Mtns. Old mines, interesting geology, vistas, plants and petroglyphs. Deep sand in and beyond the pass requires aired down tires & 4X4.GPXCA
Coffin Spring2West of Havau Landing and US 95 - Hike to Coffin SpringGPXCA
Turtle Mountain2West of Havau Landing and US 95 - Browns CampGPXCA
Alamo Rd. - Slot Canyon2Leave Yucca - head south to Alamo Lake areaGPXKM
Mohave Trail (Goffs to Laughlin)2Leave Terribles, Stop at McDonalds in Needles, then to camp Ibis Army Camp. from there to Goff Museum, then to Mohave Trail, stop at old pony Express Fort. Now go home or to Avi Casino for dinner.GPXCA
Earp Cottage & Mines2To Parker, on to Mines, then to Home in Vidal, on to Japanese Internment camp in Poston az.GPXCA
Chalk Hills3GPX
Walnut Creek Tour3Hualapai mountains south of Kingman.  Visit Survivalist camp.GPXKM
Stagecoach Trails Ranch3Near YuccaGPXLH3-4F
Copper Basin - Earp Falls3GPX
Northwest Passage-013Run around in the hills west of Havasu HeightsGPXLH1-3G
Bennett Wash3On the California side of the river - across from ParkerGPXCP
Laughlin Scenic Trails3Run around in the hills west of LaughlinGPXLV 
Goat Hill3GPX
Dripping Springs-023South of I-10 below QuartsiteGPX1
Planet Ranch via Shea Rd.3Start near Parker and head north to the Bill Williams river and Planet RanchGPXCP
Tin Barn Only3I-40 north to Griffith road then east into the Hualapai mountainsGPX KM
Highline Trail3Hills to climb, rocks to crawl over but great views of the city and lake. GPXLH3-2F
Crazy Eights3Run around in the desert from Fort Mohave to the Oatman AreaGPXBH-2B
Black Mesa3Run from Parker north to the mountains south of Bill Williams RiverGPXCP
Chloride-013Run north of Kingman from Stockman Hill Road to US-93GPXKM
Airplane Wreck3Up Bison to the remains of an old WW2 airplane wreckGPXLH3-2E
B & D - Roulette Mine-013In the Whipple mountains on the California side of the lake GPXLH3-6E
Gold Standard Mine3We will explore mine workings and trails along the western side of the Whipple Mountains Wilderness area. Lots of mining history & relics, nice vistas, interesting rocks, colorful minerals & solitude.GPXCA
Desert Bar-013Back way to the desert barGPXCP
Swansea Mine Loop3.25East of Parker behind the Buckskin mountainsGPXCP
Copper Basin - Monument Peak3.25West of the river in ParkerGPXCP
Cattail Cove & Bowling Alley-013.25GPX
Warm Springs - Gypsum Mine Loop-013.25GPX
Harquahala Peak3.25US-60 east of SalomeGPXYU
Rovey's Needle3.25Pinnacle south of town near Cattail. Short hike to "eye"; crawl thru and down other side. MUST limit due to parking.GPXCP
Whipple Wash-013.25California side of the lakeGPXCP
Dripping Springs-013.25South and east of QuartsiteGPXLP
Swansea Loop Via Mohave3.25Start in Parker then North behind the Buckskin mountains crossing the Bill Williams river to run Mohave washGPXCP
Paloma Mine - Cattail Loop3.25GPX
Signal Mine Town & Cemetery-013.25Signal was established in 1877 to process ore and supply provisions to the area’s numerous small gold & silver mines. In its heyday it boasted 800 people and 200 buildings but only the stone mill foundation and the old graveyard near the banks of the Big Sandy River remain today. South to the Gold Bug Mine via long shelf road and exit via Alamo Road to US 40. Long day but you’ll be rewarded with interesting geology, a large quartz float, great views & solitude. Pin stripping possible. GPXLH4-6B
Castaneda Peak - Shark's Tooth-013.25Run around in the hills south and east of townGPXLH4-5C
Boriana Mine - Hualapai Lodge3.25Run in the Hualapai mountains from Yucca to the Hualapai lodge east of KingmanGPXKM
Upper Jupiter Mine - Hawk's Nest3.25Run around in the hills south of town - great view from the mineGPXLH3-4F
Turquoise Mine - Whipple Wash3.25California side of the lake with lots to seeGPXCP
McCracken Mine-013.25McCracken Mine/McCracken Peak was a very big mining area that was one of the main mines that fed the mills in the Signal area. We will make our way to west Mohave, then Main Mohave, then by Casteneda Peak (Shark's tooth), and then East to McCracken. The Stone House at the top of McCracken is always a highlight. We will return the quick way (longer mile wise) via Alamo Road.GPXLH4-5B
San Francisco Mine3.25Run around in the desert and hills east of YuccaGPXKM
McGuffy Cabin-013.25Visit Historic McGuffies Cabin. Short hike to Pictographs in Mississippi Wash and water catchment. Exit Slot Canyon on way out. Long ride and long day.GPXLH4-6B
Lost Trail - Jupiter Mine-013.25A gradual climb to an elevation of 3200 feet where we will have lunch provides scenic views, a couple of abandoned mines. minor challenges and possible minor pin striping. Fun run to practice your driving skills with some challenges. GPXLH4-6B
Buck Mountains3.25GPX
Ridges-013.25Run around the black mountains east of LaughlinGPX

Secret Pass3.25GPX
Cattail Cove-013.25South of town in the hills and washes near the Bill Williams River - nice run with optional challengesGPXCP
Aubrey Hills3.25GPX
Corruthers - New York Mountains3.5California desert north of Geoffs and I-40GPXCA
Cattail Cove & Bowling Alley-023.5GPX
Yellowstone3.5Run around the river side of AZ-95 west of Havasu HeightsGPXLH1-3G
Walnut Creek Escalator & Lodge3.5Hualapai mountains south of Kingman and east of I-40 GPXKM
McCracken Mine-02GPX
Gold Rice Mine-013.5This trail is one way in & one way out and sees little traffic. Located in California’s Riverside Mtns south of Vidal, we air down in front of Wyatt Earp’s house. Starts off easy on an old wagon road, turns progressively tougher with steep wash approaches and departures and finally on the side of the mountain on an incredible but narrow shelf road the miners built with hand stacked rocks. Some off camber and a short rocky section rounds out the fun. Ends at the Gold Rice Mine on top with three shafts, an adit and mill foundations. Limit due to small turn around at the mine. No 4 door jeeps due to very tight corners on shelf road.GPXCA
Silver Creek3.5East of BullheadGPXBH-2B
Vampire & Planet Mines-013.5Run starts on Shea Rd. on the other side of Parker. Will go down the scenic Mineral Wash, thru a short scenic slot canyon, over some hills, stop at the Planet Mine and what is left of the town of Planet.GPXCP
Slot Canyon - Maggie Mine3.5 Alamo Road near Alamo LakeGPXKM
Granite Peak3.5In the hills east of YuccaGPXKM
Old Alamo Road3.5East of YuccaGPXKM
Anniversary Trail-013.5Run the desert south and east of townGPXLH3-4F
Anniversary Trail-023.5GPX
Yellow Flower Spring3.5In the Hualapai mountains GPXKM
Cottonwood Loop3.5East of Yucca - Visit town of Cedar remainsGPXKM
Grapevine Springs3.5East of YuccaGPXKM
Black Inky Loop3.540 North on I 40 to Griffin Power Plant, east on Walnut Creek to run.  Black Inky is a  beautiful run in the Hualapai Mtns, reaching 5-600 feet. It will be a long run, returning after 4 P.M. Some hill climbs.GPXKM
Crossman Peak Behind3.5Run around the mountain east of townGPXLH4-5B
Maze-A3.5Roam the hills around standard washGPXLH4-6B
Yellow Pine3.5Back side of the Hualapai mountains heading up from Blake Ranch road.GPXKM
Pass Canyon3.5Silver Creek road east of BullheadGPXBH-2B
Hawk's Nest3.5GPX
K-2 via Franconia Wash3.5This is a slow run up the east side of the Mohave Mountains to about 3600 FT.  There are great views on the way up, at the top and on the way down.  There is various types of terrain to gain experience. We will have lunch at the top (weather permitting)  The run will start and end at the I-40 and Franconia Road.GPXLH2-1B
K-2 via Standard Wash3.5Top of the mountain east of townGPXLH4-5B
Serpent's Tail3.5Western side of the Hualapai mountains near KingmanGPXKM
Rock Garden3.5Short run east of townGPXLH3-2E
Red Line3.5Standard wash area south of townGPXLH4-6B
This N That-013.5This run starts at the end of Bison and we finish at Standard Wash. This is a 3.5 run but there is a couple places that are 3.75 but there are go arounds. This run consists of parts of 5 runs, Powerlines, Blue Berry Jam, Redline, Gold Springs and Hawks Nest.GPXLH3-2E
This N That-023.5GPX
This N That-033.5GPX
Rock N Roll3.5This run starts at the back road to the Desert Bar. We will be taking several different trails rated 3.5 and there will also be an extra credit 4.0 rated trail that can be done if you like, but there will be a go around to keep this a 3.5 rated run. We will go to Eagle Nest mine that is on top of a mountain above the desert bar with great views of Parker stripGPXCP
El Supremo - Vampire3.5This run is on the other side of Parker off of Shea Rd. Part of the trail to the Vampire Mine is a narrow shelf road.GPXCP
Early Times3.5Short run off Bison - east of townGPXLH3-2E
Black Falls Loop3.5GPX
Gold Springs3.75Standard wash area south of town - Water usually in spring hole in canyonGPXLH4-5A
Tin Barn - Whiskey Basin Loop3.75GPX
Whiskey Basin - Rocking Chair3.75In the Hualapai mountains south of KingmanGPXKM
Tin Barn Loop3.75Scenic run in the Hualapai Mountains. Hills, small rocks.GPXKM
Yellow Pine S - Loop3.75Back side of the Hualapai mountains off Blake Ranch road.GPXKM
Moss Wash-013.75Long run to get to I-40 exit 66 to start the run. We will stop to see Gold King Mansion. We will come down escalator to exit out on Walnut Creek Ranch Road.GPXKM
Sleeping Princess - Hell's Half Mile3.75This is a beautifully scenic run NE of Bullhead.GPXKM
Sleeping Princess-013.75This is a beautifully scenic run NE of Bullhead. Some rocks account for the rating and another spectacular lunch spot.GPXKM
Sleeping Princess-023.75
OS Point3.75Back side of the Hualapai mountains off Blake Ranch road.GPXKM
Aubrey - Cattail Loop4GPX
Creamery Canyon4Off Alamo road then into the south end of the Hualapai mountainsGPXKM
Tip Over Darryl4Short run off Bison east of townGPXLH3-2E
Yahoo Loop4Standard wash area then head to west Mohave washGPXLH4-6B
Rattler Pass4Standard wash area then east to explore the hillsGPXLH4-6B
Python-014Nice short run plenty of obstaclesGPX
Tom Cat4Up the hills off Bison GPXLH3-2E
Boulder Gulch-014In from Standard wash to the BLM technical areaGPXLH4-5B
Snake Pit-014Challenging hills behind the airportGPXLH1-6F
Diamondback - Sidewinder4Loop from the south of town to Standard washGPXLH4-5A
Deliverance4Challenges in the hills near the desert barGPXCP 
Deliverance - True Grit4Challenges in the hills near the desert barGPXCP
President's Choice4Challenges in the hills near the desert barGPXCP
Snake Bite4In the hills on the California side of the Parker stripGPXCP
Rio Lobo5Challenges in the hills near the desert barGPXCP
Black Mamba5In from Standard wash to the BLM technical areaGPXLH4-6B
Copperhead - Rubicon Falls5Run around Monument peak on the California side of the Parker stripGPXCP


Download the run inventory by Rating list as a PDF file

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Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Travel Management Plan (TMP) Maps 
AL = Alamo TMP
BH = Bullhead TMP
BO = Bouse TMP
CP = Cactus Plain TMP
CA = California BLM office
LH1 = Lake Havasu TMP-1
LH2 = Lake Havasu TMP-2
LH3 = Lake Havasu TMP-3
LH4 = Lake Havasu TMP-4
LP = La Posa TMP (Yuma)
HA = Hassayampa BLM
KM = Kingman BLM
NE = Needles BLM
NV = Nevada BLM
WN = Wenden TMP

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