Havasu 4 Wheelers is Organized as a non-profit organization for the purpose of:

  • Providing for the social, educational and recreational activities of its membership.
  • Participating in and supporting civic activities for the betterment of the community.
  • Enjoying and protecting the natural resources.
  • Supporting and promoting the multiple uses principle as applied to Public Land.


Overview of club activities

The Havasu 4 Wheelers, a 225 family member off road club, have been in existence since 1993.  We enjoy back country 4X4 travel to ghost towns, old mines, explore wagon roads, visit remote desert areas and enjoy the vistas from high mountain peaks.  And we enjoy four wheeling and the challenge of desert travel.  All this is accomplished with a four wheel drive vehicle and using the many dirt trails around Lake Havasu.  The trails vary from easy to very hard but it’s all fun and done in the company of great people - all for the varied ‘tastes’ of our membership. 

We drive predominately Jeep model’s – about 50/50 TJ or JK two doors.  But we have a smattering of JK Unlimiteds, Cherokees, L J’s, C J’s, Suzuki’s, FJ’s, and some rock buggies.  Every vehicle must pass a safety inspection and we emphasize safety – no alcohol permitted on runs.  We hold over 100 4X4 runs a season so get your gas card, folding chairs, and fill the lunch box as we are always on the go. 

We also have annual ‘trips’ that always involves going to Moab, Utah, but then we may also go to Tombstone, Sedona, Verde Valley or Death Valley to go wheeling.  We enjoy numerous social activities and raise monies for local charities as part of our credo to ‘participate in activities for the betterment of the community and to protect the natural resources.’ 

In furtherance of our commitment to maintain public access to public lands and 4X4 trails we commit many hours of labor annually on conservation efforts.  To keep our public desert areas from closures we fence off dangerous mine shafts, remove junk cars from the desert, clean an adopted a section of SR 95, and conduct a “Desert Clean-up” annually.

We also discovered that a need existed for volunteers to routinely check on remote water guzzlers built for Desert Big Horn Sheep.  As we are always ‘out there’ we thought we could help so we are partnering with the Arizona Game & Fish Department.

Why all this work you say? – Because “We do these things to give back to the desert areas we all use and enjoy” – And we find it all fun and rewarding too!

The club holds monthly membership meetings during our “Jeeping Season” and is then ‘dark’ June, July, and August.  During the season we schedule monthly dinners out, monthly men’s’ breakfasts, monthly ladies’ luncheons, and other frequent special events.  All capped off with our annual awards dinner where we recognize and thank our trail bosses, leaders, and task masters who coordinate all those fun things we do all season long.  At this event you’ll be treated to lots of door prizes, great food and fun times.

The “unofficial” part of the club that most members enjoy is the great camaraderie that comes from the challenge of Jeeping old trails and visiting historic mining camps, seeing interesting plants, colorful rocks, and the incredible vistas and great solitude our vast desert areas offer with like-minded good folks. 

March 2016