Lessons Learned

Below is a list of “Tips” to help with having a pleasant experience of off road Jeeping.

  • Carry your tow strap, with a clevis mounted on it, where the driver can reach without getting out of the jeep.eg: next to or under driver seat

  • Place a knife in easy reach so you can cut through your seat belts if necessary.  eg: Velcro to dash

  • Keep a devise handy to break out a window

  • Mount your fire extinguisher in an easily accessible location.

  • All loose items such as ice chest, cameras, chairs, water bottles should be securely anchored/strapped or they could become projectiles in the event of a possible roll over.

  • When caravanning the Tail Gunner should put on their emergency flashing lights just before making a turn off the highway.

  • Break down - only those needed for the repair should be in the immediate area.If repair is impossible or too time consuming move the disabled jeep off the trail, buddy up the occupants, and be on your way.  The safety of the group is more important than getting the jeep out.  There is ALWAYS tomorrow.

  • When towing or strapping only the driver remains in the disabled vehicle.All other move to a safe distance.

  • Do not pull someone using reverse in your jeep.Only pull when you are going forward.  eg: you can easily break an axle when pulling backing up.

 When attaching your winch control line, run the line under the side hood latch and then loop a coil around the outside mirror.This will prevent you from driving over the control line.

  • Drape a piece of fabric or weight over the winch cable or tow strap when in use to prevent injury if the cable/strap were to break.    eg:  a jacket or towel

  • When you are winching someone with your line you should do the following:place something behind your tires to prevent your jeep from moving.  Leave your engine running, place the transmission in neutral, and put your foot on the brake.  Raise the hood for protection from broken lines.  Lastly engage the winch.

  • When engaged in your 4 to 1 transfer case Caution should be used when backing up.Ex Jeeps do not stop well in reverse.

Revised 5-19-10