Rating System


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 Rating Description
 1 Easiest: Passable by stock vehicles. Gentle fairly wide grades.
 2 Easy:   Use of 2 wheel and some 4-wheel drive.  Trail may have some rocks, loose road surface, and ruts but a reasonable line for driving.
 3 Easiest Moderate: 4-wheel drive with aggressive tire treads. Expect a rough road with rocks and sand that requires lower tire pressure. Substantial sections of single lane.
 3 ¼ Moderate: Some 4 wheel drive experience needed.  Same as above with some use of high and low range gearing.  These trails have a rough, rutted surface, rocks and deep sand.  Sections may be steep enough to cause traction problems, narrow shelf roads with steep drop-offs and tight clearance between rocks.
 3 ½ Harder Moderate: For experience drivers.  33” tires with aggressive tire tread, one locked differential, high and low range gearing.   Potentially dangerous, large rocks, ruts, steep slopes, loose surface and narrow clearances that need to be negotiated.
 3 ¾ Hardest Moderate: Skilled, experienced drivers only.  Same as above with both differentials locked, some strapping/winching. Very challenging sections, extremely steep grades, loose surfaces, large rocks, deep ruts and tight clearances.
 4 Difficult: Highly skilled experienced drivers only.  Same as above with belly up, skid plates, beefed up axles and suspension system.  Probably strapping/winching.  Vehicle width and wheelbase should be considered.   Possible body damage.
 5 Hard:  All of the above. Probable body damage.